Ray Nkonyeni Municipality cracks the whip

Mthandeni Ndwalane, previously senior corporate head of department) at Ezinqoleni municipality, has been appointed the new Ray Nkonyeni Municipality HOD for Community Services - responsible for cleansing, verge maintenance and waste. Contact his PA Bev van Helsdingen at 039 3159203.

IN AN effort to speed up service delivery, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality manager Max Mbili recently launched the ‘time on duty and duty on time’ campaign.

This was the first meeting with all municipal staff after the merger of Hibiscus and Ezinqoleni municipalities.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Mbili emphasised that discipline should be a ‘jealousy guarded weapon of heads of departments and managers’.

He said this was to achieve better service delivery objectives as said in the Integrated Development and Development Plan (IDP).

The campaign will ensure optimal performance by all employees by instilling a ‘go beyond the call of duty’ approach, – Max Mbili

Mr Mbili promised that the merger would not affect service delivery.

“The municipality’s administrative and political collective will strive to build new public service cadres who are not driven by the love of money, but the determination to serve the people of this area with dignity, pride and humility.”

He said all employees would be required to commit to the following:

* Taking pride in their work;

* Working beyond the call of duty;

* Starting work at 7.30am every day;

* Taking 15 minute tea time breaks and 30 minutes for lunch;

* Working until 4pm.

He added that employees would be provided with regular training and adequate working tools.

Seven departments were announced. These included: Treasury, human settlements, corporate services, planning and development, technical services, public safety and community services.

Municipal spokesman Simon April said the headquarters were at Port Shepstone. However, operations had been decentralised to ensure that services were accessible to all citizens.


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