‘Max is our man’, say ratepayers

HCM municipal manager, Max Mbili.

HIBISCUS Coast municipal manager Max Mbili has certainly proved to be a ‘no-nonsense’ chief administrator and has earned high praise from many quarters.

The Ramsgate Ratepayer’s Association for one rave about his ‘open door policy’ and eagerness to help.

The Port Shepstone Business Forum has also had only full co-operation from Mr Mbili who has personally helped sort out many niggling problems in the CBD.

And the Margate Business Association was impressed with his personal assurances that the coast’s prime holiday destination was to receive some much needed attention from now on.

Many who have had dealings with him are hoping that he retains his position after the August 3 elections, especially after recent stories that replacements are possibly in the pipeline.

Making everyone even more nervous are developments at provincial level this week which saw a clean-out of the hierarchy, including the South Coast’s Peggy Nkonyeni who was MEC for Education.

Herald manager Bevis Fairbrother said it was obvious that Mr Mbili’s priorities were to serve the Hibiscus Coast and all its people to the best of his ability.

“He openly stated at a Margate Business Association meeting that ‘we need you, more than you need us’.  This is a refreshing attitude and can only bode well for the coast, encouraging public/private partnerships which help attract new business, create jobs and wealth for all. Positive things are starting to happen on the coast now and we need continuity.”

Bruce Hulley, from the Ramsgate Ratepayer’s Association, also said: “Mr Mbili certainly has my backing.”

A good example of his ‘no-nonsense’ attitude involves allegations that many of his employees were not sticking to allocated working times.

This was revealed after the municipality’s customer care lines were flooded with complaints about employees seen taking time out during working hours.

Mr Mbili pinned this on poor supervision from staff managers.

“Lack of supervision from supervisors is the root of these problems, as they have a responsibility to see that lunch breaks are taken on time.”

Mr Mbili said media reports, coupled with photographs, showing municipal employees having breaks for more than their allocated hours, were also a major concern.

“To end this, we have decided to make the public aware of the municipality’s standardised break times,” he said.

Municipal employees are required to be on duty at 7.3 am, followed by an optional 10-minute tea break at 10am. Lunch break is officially at 12.30pm lasting for 30 minutes, with the official time to finish work being 4pm.

Mr Mbili urged community members to continue reporting on employees who abuse meal interval rights.


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