Death threats for HCM’s municipal manager

    HCM municipal manager, Max Mbili.


    MUNICIPAL manager, Max Mbili, has been threatened with his life if he fails to halt the implementation of a biometric time management system.

    The time management system which was installed as far back as 2010 was due to be implemented on August 1 this year.

    The biometric system will replace the municipality’s current manual register.

    From May this year HCM’s management and office workers started to use the electronic system which cost in the region of R700 000.

    But a dispute arose between the municipality and the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) and the implementation was stalled. The union claimed it had not been adequately consulted.

    The matter went to court last month and both parties were ordered to embark on a consultative process.

    Samwu submitted seven ‘issues of concern’. Despite the municipality responding in detail to each issue, the union now claims there were flaws in the tender process when the contract for the system was awarded.

    Along with the death threat allegations of tender rigging and nepotism have also been levelled against senior South Coast ANC members.



    “It is always better to die for a living idea than to live for a dying idea,” – MAX MBILI

    “IT will be a ‘rare’ honour, indeed, to die in the name of discipline and service delivery.

    “I have successfully managed not to respond to rumours, insults and lies around the implementation of electronic time management. However, the recent written threats and/or intimidation deserve my written response,” said Max Mbili, Hibiscus Coast Municipality’s municipal manager.

    He said the intention to implement the system dated back to 2006. But It should be noted that the process had been set aside until it was implemented in 2010.

    “When I signed my Contract of Employment with the council in March 2013, I committed myself as a disciplined accounting officer. I will implement all lawful and reasonable council resolutions.

    “In this regard council took the decision to implement the system. The received threats will not give me powers to abandon council’s decision.

    “If council still stands on this resolution I will lead the implementation as the accounting officer. If that decision has a top price which is equal to my life then let it be,” said Mr Mbili.

    He said apart from council resolution, one of the pillars that would guide his term in office was to instill maximum discipline.

    “I was taught that discipline is a jealously guarded weapon for managers. The implementation of electronic time management will make a meaningful contribution towards the improvement of municipal internal control mechanisms.

    “I would like to believe it is no secret that the system is not my issue but a council collective decision taken long before my time.

    “I will welcome to die in the name of discipline and service delivery. I feel that I will die like a hero if I am killed in the cause of instilling maximum discipline and maximum organisational productivity to realise a better life for all.”

    Mr Mbili said that as a law abiding citizen he had opened a case at the Port Shepstone Police Station.

    “I would like to appeal to everyone who knows of any wrongdoing during the process of the awarding of the Electronic Time Management tender to make submission either to my office or to any other Government entities that deal with fraud and corruption. It is time to separate genuine issues from rumour mongering.

    “It is of great concern during the time the municipality was paying for the service that was not being utilised there was a deafening silence, but now that we want to get value for our money, it has become a point of contention.

    “It is always better to die for a living idea than to live for a dying idea. Even if you take me out of the equation, council will remain and can still realise their decision long after I have gone,”


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