Landmark business closes

Business closes: The poignant message outside Uvongo Pharmacy, which has now closed its doors, reads: ‘Happy New Year’.

UVONGO residents were sad to see the doors of their family pharmacy close after decades of good service.

Eddie Pyle was at the helm of Uvongo Pharmacy for many years. Later, under new management, it expanded its services to offer a slimming and holistic health centre.

“Sadly, many family establishments like Uvongo Pharmacy are slowly being swallowed up by chain store pharmacies. Another tradition that was unique to this business was the saying of the day on the black board outside the front door. Like us, our children and later our grandson loved reading the messages, jokes and wise sayings that were changed every day,” a Uvongo resident said.

The final message on the chalk board reads: ‘Happy New Year’.

Perhaps someone will eventually chalk up a final farewell note to an old Uvongo friend.

Judi Davis

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