Couple terrorised by armed intruders

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A FREELAND Park couple was held captive by two armed robbers for four hours last  Tuesday. The man was stabbed in the leg during the ordeal.

They asked not to be named for fear of the robbers returning.

The couple’s terrifying experience began after midnight when two men climbed onto the upstairs balcony of their home.

Both had guns and one also carried a knife. They tied the couple up and ransacked the house. They demanded bank cards and PIN codes which they handed over to an accomplice outside the house.

While they were being held captive, a large sum of money was withdrawn from their bank account.

A flat screen TV, money and cell phones were also gathered up before the intruders made their getaway the couple’s white Ford Ecosport at about 2am.

The man was taken to  Kingsway Hospital in Amanzimtoti for treatment.

The vehicle, which is fitted with a tracking device, was later found abandoned in M-Section in Umlazi.

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