International articles

Pyongyang mounts show of support for leader Kim

Tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents were gathered in the capital’s Kim Il-Sung Square Saturday to laud leader Kim Jong-Un’s denunciation of US President Donald Trump.

US bombers fly off east coast of North Korea: Pentagon

US bombers flew off the east coast of North Korea Saturday in a show of force designed to project American military power in the face of Pyongyang’s weapons programs, escalating already sky-high tensions.

New Zealand leaders line up to woo kingmaker Peters

Both of New Zealand’s major political parties moved to open coalition negotiations with maverick MP Winston Peters Sunday after the country’s general election stalemate left him in the position of kingmaker.

In Dominica, islanders stand strong despite chaos

It’s been less than a week since Hurricane Maria largely destroyed the Caribbean island of Dominica — but despite cut-off supplies and extreme conditions, its inhabitants remain optimistic in the face of devastation.