Easy DIY: How to strip layers of paint

IF you have  never used a hot air gun you will be surprised at how quickly a heat gun will remove layer upon layer of paint or varnish. Although it’s a messy job, a dropcloth will make cleanup easier.

According to the  EasyDIY website, no special technique is required other than to acquaint yourself with pointing the heat gun in the right direction, in order to be able to maneuver the scraper behind the paint to make scraping off much easier and quicker. Simply guide the heat nozzle over the area in a slow circular motion.



As the paint begins to bubble, gently scrape the softened paint from the surface with a putty knife or paint scraper.


However, if you need to remove water-based paints you will need to use a paint stripper.


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Safety first

A heat gun is an easy tool for a beginner to use, but should still be handled carefully. Be constantly aware of the high temperature reached when operating on maximum power.

Do wear thick gloves when using a hot air gun.

Due to the chemical nature of paint and plastics, work in a ventilated area to reduce any possibility of toxic fumes.

After using, have a suitable place to put down the hot air gun while it cools. The heated nozzle can melt nylon, plastic and other synthetic materials while still hot.

To read more on the finer points of heat guns and paint stripping, visit EasyDIY


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